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    An Orchestra Keyboardist’s Bag O’Tricks

    I know it’s a lot of text crammed in there… >_<

    Playing in an orchestra can be intimidating for a solo instrument like the piano! But there are so many little things you could do to get different sounds. These 10 slides only covers the more common ones. If I were to go into the specific and detailed stuff, it will never end.

    Please note that this is solely for piano as PART OF THE ORCHESTRA rather than a solo instrument as in a concerto.

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  2. Never forget 9/11/2001


  3. Sh*t Conductors Say


    "*Believe it or not,* I could use a little more trombone…"

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    I found this fabric at the store the other day and now I get to have pillow cases made out of it for my room. #nerd

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    The magic of Photoshop. [via]

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    More people have stood on the moon than in the fiery crater of the Marum volcano… thankfully, Sam Cossman took along a camera when he went. See the footage he came back with here: http://petapixel.com/2014/09/06/explorer-captures-like-rappel-active-volcano/  

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    Celebrities and Their Cartoon Look-alikes [via]

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